Hello again and „new“ family member

It’s been awfully quiet, we know. And we are sorry about it. We’ve been working some behind the scenes. We Loyal have been out and about a bit over the summer, most notably sharing the stage with one Greis (for all of you who are not in the know: he is one of Switzerland’s better known rappers).

Right now we are in the process of discussing next steps. We Loyal have plans, and we want to get some administration stuff done to assure that you’ll be able to hear more of us in the future. Furthermore we are currently looking at some potential new family members, which might not be from the musical faculty. We are talking image and design!

And, last, but most certainly not least, we officially took up a new family member: Jenny has in fact been in the PlusPlus collective from the start, but now we are coming out with her as our star youngster. She will support the behind-the-scenes team of PlusPlus.

Lately she has been playing keys with Basel’s own Mañana, together with Jan she remixes other people’s music as JJJK. More from them soon, hopefully. For now, we are very happy to have you on board, Jenny!

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