Our first Longplayer!

We have exciting (and short-term) news for you: We are going to release our first Longplayer, our PPR01 (after last year’s PPR00 with We Loyal’s 7″ Single) this very Saturday, January 29! We are superexcited, quite frankly we are shitting our pants.

The band is called The Amber Unit and you should be familiar with them if you are from Basel. The happy foursome of Victor, Stevie, Yves and Emanuel have been around for some time now, you might also know them as Whysome. Well, the Whysome days are past, The Amber Unit era is on! The album is beautifully named “While you started a Revolution – We started Love” and reflects on what we all experience once we get older: All you need is Love, because even Revolution No. 9 can grant you Satisfaction (okay, enough of stupid pop cultural referencing).

The album contains eleven highly seductive songs that will make you dance and make you make love. You will be able to download the album via all legal downloading platforms thinkable (the album hasn’t leaked yet, sorry!) or buy the CD via cede.ch, for example. Show some love! – There will be concerts and even a record release party is in the planning. We will keep you up to date!

And here is for your listening pleasure, the album, in all its glory. Listen to it, then go buy it on Saturday!

While You Started A Revolution – We Started Love by The Amber Unit

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