It comes as no surprise that people tend to call anybody who starts music label around 2010 insane. And we are not kidding ourselves: You’re not in it for the money if you decide to produce and put out records these days. So why do PlusPlus at all if not for the money? For the love of it? Sure, for the love of good music, talent, for style and for the people behind all of this.

We don’t see PlusPlus as a label in the classic sense of the word. We don’t offer big advance cheques for big productions or the average meaningless promo babble raining down on overfed music lovers and journalists. Instead, we rather believe in the musicians we work with. We believe in the good old DIY ethics and leave the artists a maximum of liberty. The music which is being created this way speaks for itself.

As a label that understands the sign o’ the times, we put our trust in digital distribution: The music is directly delivered to the aficionados, straight from our artists. Distribution is getting up close and personal. Facebook is the new record store! And for all of you Vinyl lovers out there, we hear you, and we are not forgetting you. Another virtue in these modern times of course is playing live. Therefore we put our artists into the van as much as we can!

Want to send us your demos? – No problem, but please observe these simple rules: We want your music to come in a decent package. The songs should be tagged correctly, we expect a band picture, some basic information on you as well as a band biography. Whether you send us digital files or a good old demo pack complete with you mothers’ homemade carrot cake, we love to hear from you!

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